How to survive January

Let’s face it January is a rubbish time, it’s dark, cold and statistically (and unfortunately) is the most depressing month of the year. It’s the time when you still have at least two weeks to go until payday, and all the glitz, glamour and fun of Christmas seems like a lifetime ago. But January can be survived, trust me, here’s how… Read More

My morning routine “get going” apps!…

Anyone that knows me KNOWS that I’m not a fan of either raising from my bed in the morning, or exercise AT ALL! So I got to thinking about how new tech – and more especially apps – could help to motivate my ass first thing in the morning. You will know from my blog… Read More

A big girl on a glossy mag, whatever next…?

Hello gorgeous goddesses, Today I wanted to draw your attention to the disparity between the covers on the glossies and how we address the body positivity message. First, I want to commend Cosmo for the Tess Holliday cover and the feature spread on her.  She’s voluptuous, beautiful, and body positive activist and founder of the… Read More