Call to action: Check your body

You have a gorgeous amazing body beautiful, but if something doesn’t feel right get it checked out.  We’re all really good at ignoring our bodies’ cries for help.  Whether it’s thirst because we’re dehydrated or fuzzy head because we’re hungry, or something more serious, we always seem to put ourselves last in the grand scheme… Read More

How to upgrade your belief system…

Did you know we have our wonderful subconscious mind (the unthinking/ automatic part) to thank for all the cranky tendencies we have. Your current beliefs were laid down by age seven and subsequently built upon through other external experiences that have been then been locked away in the “safety” of your subconscious only to resurface… Read More

My morning routine “get going” apps!…

Anyone that knows me KNOWS that I’m not a fan of either raising from my bed in the morning, or exercise AT ALL! So I got to thinking about how new tech – and more especially apps – could help to motivate my ass first thing in the morning. You will know from my blog… Read More

A big girl on a glossy mag, whatever next…?

Hello gorgeous goddesses, Today I wanted to draw your attention to the disparity between the covers on the glossies and how we address the body positivity message. First, I want to commend Cosmo for the Tess Holliday cover and the feature spread on her.  She’s voluptuous, beautiful, and body positive activist and founder of the… Read More