Your Total Abundance Project Terrific Threesome!
As Buddha says every journey starts with a single step and tiny steps in the right direction mount up to make a big difference. In today’s society we need to be more conscious than ever in what we do and how we behave. We need to be aware of our planet, and everyone on it, because we are all connected. We need to devise ways of making a difference without destroying our beautiful home.
Originally launched in 2010, Total Abundance Project has had many guises before becoming the holistic lifestyle blog that it is today. This has always been a place to find mind/body/spirit, food, lifestyle, wellness and style inspirations, ideas, podcasts and practices. A place to encourage people to share experiences and get the best advice available. Our readers can find suggestions about where to source and buy ethical food, clothes and holistic practices to follow for Total Abundance.


Our ethos has always been and will always be to be open-minded, inclusive, unbiased and YOU-centric in everything we do.