Surviving January

Whilst the start of January is all promise and new beginnings, by the time you’re three weeks in and you begin to remember just was a rubbish month January can be. It’s dark, it’s cold, you still have at least a week to go until payday and sadly (and statistically) it is the most depressing month of the year. But here’s some tried and tested ways, dispense with the old energy, raise your vibes and SURVIVE JANUARY; like the boss that you are!


There’s no denying the benefits of embracing a more plant-based diet. More and more people are ditching a meat-fuelled day a week and replacing it with vegetarian or plant-based protein alternatives. Of course the media has a little for this month ‘Veganuary’, but in truth this can easily be incorporated into any day, week or month of the year. So if you fancy being a little more healthy in the eating department this New Year, – without all the WW and the like B$%LOCKS – why not try out some of the easy and delicious recipe idea at BOSH!.

A little herbal pick me up

We put our livers through so much during the festive period so January is a perfect time to repair your liver post Christmas.  Of course there is the standard 8 cups of water a day method of detoxing the liver, but there’s also Mllk Thistle tablets! These are perfect for that liver overhaul; just check with your GP if you take regular medication before you start taking them.  Alternatively try cutting out highly processed foods, which tend to contain a lot of salt and sugar, and put pressure on your liver.  


There’s nothing nicer than looking forward to the warmer months and planning your summer holidays, or places you’d like to visit in the coming year. It’s a great way to lift your mood, even if you don’t get paid for a while. There’s lots of holiday providers that take a small deposit in order for you to secure your slice of the summer sun.

Save money

I know it’s easy to say, but with the festivities of the Christmas holiday making a dent in your pocket and pay day round a far bend in the road, there are ways that you can still save money in January. Simple things like;
Taking a packed lunch instead of getting a “meal deal”
Using up leftovers to make a meal
Using some of the freezer contents

Quit the temptation to buy things in the sale on plastic. You’ll pay more in the long run for your bargain!

Be grateful

It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity of the world, which is often very hard to avoid. But really we should be looking a little closer to home and celebrating what we have in our own lives; the things that we are grateful for.  It might be something simple like watching your dog chasing a ball. It might be that cuppa in bed that your other half made for you. It might be a beautiful sunrise or sunset; whatever it is, take time to be grateful. 

sell sell sell!

A great way to make some much needed January cash is by selling your unwanted stuff online. eBay is the standard place, but why not try Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. If you have a ‘free-cycle’ initiative locally then that is always a good place to exchange or swap your unwanted items

Blow away those cobwebs

Go for a walk in the fresh air and blow away those cobwebs.  There’s nothing like a bracing winter walk with the winding in your face.  Take your poochie with you (if you have one) or perhaps fly a kite – that’s not just kids stuff you know!

Finally, according to researchers around 40% of our happiness is directly down to us; the other 60% is a mix of external factors and genetics.  So why not take your 40% and use it to help you Survive January!

Until next time…

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