New Year Same Me!

With the apathy for the “new year, new me” diet and fitness regime losing some of its sparkle, I thought I would look at things from a different angle, because failure can be an option too, believe it or not.  All the greatest discoveries and inventions were born out of hundreds and thousands of hours of practice and failure! 

Making changes to your life have to be done slowly and surely, over time.  Too much, too soon and I can guarantee 100% that NOTHING will change. Then a few months down the line you will be kicking yourself for being so weak, and start making up for lost time again, by beating yourself up physically and emotionally (diet and exercise regime starts again in earnest whilst using harsh words and berating yourselves regularly).

Well, I am here to say it doesn’t have to be that way.  No, really it doesn’t… trust me!

When was the last time you put gorgeous wonderful YOU first?

Interesting and widely misunderstood FACT: the world will continue to turn if you put yourself first.  That is an actual thing you know.  You can put YOU first.  It’s allowed.  And I don’t mean the time that you do that punishing circuit at the gym devised for you by a cross between Jason Mamoa and the Hulk.  Yes, that’s right I mean little old you, spending time thinking about number one for a change!

This could take the form of having an hour out with that book you’re reading.  A luxurious bath with all the bells an whistles.  Or it could be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but the things you want to eat, rather than as head cook and bottle washer for your family!

Be kind to yourself

The way I always like to think about this is simple; if you wouldn’t say the things you say to yourself to stranger on the street, then don’t say them to yourself. 

Imagine the scenario, you’re standing in the queue for the deli in Waitrose (other supermarkets are available, but we may as well start at the top, as we mean to go on) and you suddenly say to the assistant behind the counter completely off the cuff because they dropped something “What a complete arse you really are…”.  At the very least you they might overcharge you for your purchase.  Worse case, you get escorted from the building.  So, if you would say it to Davina Deli or Walter Waitrose, don’t say it to yourself!  Use kind words when things go wrong; it’s not the end of the world!

Everyone’s fallible

In case you were wondering, no one is perfect.  No one.  Not the person you want to emulate on the TV – and we all know who I mean by that.  Not the gal down the gym with her 8 pack on a teenie tiny frame.  Not the new mum that can fit into her skinny jeans when she has a new-born in her three wheeled pram.  Not your tall, blonde sister with the GSOH. And definitely not YOU!

Kick me when I’m down Sarah, I hear you cry, but that’s not the case at all. What I’m trying to get at is, you’re not alone (and not in the creepy séance way).  All the people I’ve mentioned are having a tough time in an area of their lives.  They might seem to have it all, but they might be in a strained of abusive relationship.  They might have had two hours sleep last night, because the baby won’t stop crying.  They might even be at the end of their tether without a clue where to turn or who to go to for advice. 

It’s absolutely OK to be fallible.  Everyone makes mistakes, don’t finish their ‘To-Do’ list at work, forget to get something for tea and that is perfectly OK.  I don’t mean to trivialise things, but it’s OK to not to be perfect and just to be the same me.  Just don’t beat yourself up about it and whatever you do, don’t be your harshest critic!

It’s OK to be the same old me

This is the most important piece of advice.  It is perfectly OK to be the same old you, making small changes to your world, that, over time mount up to something big!  If your New Year’s Resolution is waning that’s OK too.  As a wonderful amazing woman, you wear lots of different hats.  At the very least you’re a career women.  You might be a working mum, juggling babies and careers.  Whatever it is you do or try to do to just remember;

New years to do list…
  • Put YOU first
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Remember, everyone is fallible

Until next time…

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