10 things to try this winter

Clean out clothes and household goods that are no longer wanted

We often have too much stuff cluttering up our living space, so why not de-clutter; you can donate them to charity or sell them online (and donate the profits to charity) or use it to fund your new summer wardrobe.

Attend yoga classes

If you’re not a fan of the gym, or rather motivating yourself to go to the gym, why not try a yoga class.  This gentle for of exercise has a wonderful effect on both body and mind, and can make you very supple in a short space of time.  A word of warning; if you’re a novice don’t start out with a Hot Yoga class…!

Cook a meal as a family with each member in charge of a different course

This is a great idea if you want to get your family keen on what goes in their bodies, particularly the little folk.  However, if you don’t have kids, get your friendship group together and allocate a dish for the each to cook and bring with them.  The key is that they don’t cheat, and that they do make it from scratch.

Read one book every week

It might sound a little bit analogue to read a book, but research shows that it’s much better for you to read a book before going to sleep of an evening, instead of being clued to the perennial hand toy – your smartphone or tablet.

Visit a museum or gallery

There’s always a different exhibition to be seen in local museums and art galleries. This gets you out of the house, brings you in from the cold and you’ll to learn a little something too!

Plan your summer vacay

Wintertime is the best time to be planning your summer vacay.  When it’s cold, dark and wet outside what better medicine than to transport yourself to those heady warm days of summer with some summer sun holiday research.  Lots of companies allow you to put down a deposit and pay the rest at a latter date, so that brings you a step even nearer the sunshine!

Have a winter BBQ

Sounds crazy, but cooking outside over coals any time of the year is a winner.  Get the fire pit going as well as the BBQ; wrap up warm with coats, hats and blankets.  Use up some of that mulled wine you have left over from Christmas or create your own mulled cider.  Give it a try, I promise you’ll love it!

Go on a hike

There’s nothing like blowing away the cobwebs with a brisk walk.  Go to the beach.  Pack a picnic and get out in the cold crisp air. If you have a four-legged pal to take with you so much the better. This, like yoga, does wonders for both body and mind.  Just remember, don’t over do it!

Organise a winter photo scavenger hunt

This is a great activity for all ages. Grab your tribe, pick and area to use, perhaps a local town or combine it with the hiking suggestion above, create a list of things to photograph – between 5 and 10.  Start at a designated place (a pub always works well) and then go off in pairs to find and photograph your items.  I organised this for my daughter’s 21st birthday and it went down a storm.  There were people running all over Bideford trying to find the items on the list.  Just remember to wrap up warm!

Teach yourself a new craft

A couple of years ago I taught myself a new skill – crochet!  I found some YouTube tutorials and I was away.  Fast forward two years and I have created my own designs and sold some of my work!  YouTube and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration for the crafting fraternity.  Have a look and see what you can make!
Until next time

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