Houseplant Healers

Those that enter my home know that I am  no stranger to houseplants. I used to own a lot and had no idea how to keep them, where to place them and often wondered why they died all the blooming time! My Nan then gave me her hanging spider plant (I had always had my eyes on it!)  and a book titled ‘the houseplant expert’ and I learned a lot about how to look after my plants

I originally bought houseplants because they looked good, it was always for an interior design purpose, but the more I tended to my little indoor jungle the more I realised how they can aid the home more than just aesthetically, so please take a look below at the top houseplants that can aid Health & Wellbeing in the home, from those that improve air quality to the ones that hoover up all the harmful toxins.

Sansevieria or Mother in Law’s Tongue/ Snake plant

In my eyes this is one of the easiest plants to take care of  and if you are new to houseplants they may be a good first purchase as they thrive on neglect! Snake plant’s are highly effective in removing harmful toxins that appear in the home. They also release plenty of oxygen so are perfect for a bedroom windowsill if you are wanting to have a good nights sleep.

Snake Plant

They are super easy to care for and thrive in bright light, so somewhere with plenty of sunshine is best for them although they can survive in shade. Water your snake plant every 2-6 weeks and make sure the soil is completely dry before watering again, as they are prone to root rot if over watered.

Boston Fern

Boston firms are one of my favourite houseplants, they always look amazing hung up as their busy foliage fills a lot of space, you certainly need to have a good idea of where you want to keep them as they need to be kept away from direct sunlight. Mine hangs in my kitchen window, which works well as it is place on the side with less light. Keep them moist and mist them often.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns have amazing air purifying qualities are said to help those that suffer from dry noses, throats or skin. They improve humidity by naturally helping restore moisture to the air.

Spider Plant

If you are new to owning houseplants then a spider plant is perfect for you, they are terribly hard to kill and grow quickly so make sure you have a good space in mind for them. I have three around the house!

Perfect for a pet friendly household as they are one of few non toxic plants to cats and dogs, they battle harmful toxins in the house such as carbon monoxide.

Spider Plant

They do not like direct sunlight so they are best placed on shelves and windowsills that don’t catch all the sun. Be sure not to over water them.

Spider plants often reproduce, these ‘babies’ are super easy to pick off the plant and repot and will grow quickly with attention. They are perfect present for a friend and a chance to show that you know what you are doing!

Peace Lilly

Peace lilies are perfect for those who like a flower in the house. They are known for removing mould spores from the air so work well being placed in the kitchen or bathroom. They are not a fan of direct sunlight, it will burn their leaves. They need their soil to be kept moist and they do not fair well with overwatering.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies leave tend to wilt if they are over or underwater, keep an eye on them as when given the correct amount they will spring to life quickly.

Perfect for those who are looking to have a bit of a challenging plant!

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