How to unleash your inner goddess…

We all know that life is all about balance – Yin and Yang – but as women we sometimes have trouble remembering that.  Especially when we are so caught up in the masculine Yang energy which is all goal driven and charging full steam ahead.  Don’t get me wrong that does have its place in our lives, we just need to make some time to “Yin it back”!

Our day never seems to end, what with kids, work, partner, shopping and when it does it’s usually chowing down our supper in front of the TV with a glass or four of vino, before bedtime (your sleep being disturbed by the alcohol consumed), only to get up and do the same thing the very next day. When sometimes all you want to do is scream and the mere thought of stepping into the beautiful, divine feminine energy can end up being just another thing to add to your “To-Do” list, most probably at the bottom!

You can always tell when you’re ‘Yanged-out’ because you will start to feel stressed, tired, and you just have a nagging feeling of disconnection with your life in a way that you can’t put your finger on. But connecting with your inner goddess is a guaranteed way to balance things right up.

So if you want a healthier happier, and dare I say hornier life, then you have to unleash your inner goddess. Here are some of my fabulously easy goddess-nurturing steps to put the balance back into your life…

STOP! – Goddess time:

Quit defining yourself through the eyes of others. Look into yourself. Get to know every detail of your body. We talked about this in my last post; I don’t mean by looking into the mirror, but rather feeling it from the inside. Feeling is such an important tool in unleashing your inner goddess. Put simply, go somewhere quiet, stop thinking for just a moment and feel how you feel rather than thinking how you feel within your body. Write those feelings down in your journal if you want to keep a note of them.

STOP! – Goddess time:

Spend some time with other goddesses. They don’t have to subscribe to the whole goddess thing if it’s not their bag, but just soaking up those feminine energies and getting your Yin on in female company; belly laughing, sharing food and drink can really recharge those goddess batteries.

STOP! – Goddess time:

Spending time in Mother Nature can really help you to connect with Goddess energy. Try walking barefoot on the grass or lying on Mother Earth and soaking up her energy. Or do an open air meditation. By investing time doing this regularly you will become one grounded and strong-assed goddess.

STOP! – Goddess time:

No one likes mechanical, autopilot sex and all too often masculine-dominated sex can muscle its way into your relationship. Goddesses are sensual characters that need to honour their sexuality. Get some of the balance by embracing your feminine energies in the “Netflix and Chill” department. Out with the old boring routines and in with some sensual stuff; take a bath together, touch each other, talk about what you want, experiment. The sky is totally the limit. Let your imagination run riot. Forget boundaries and see where this sensual exploration takes you. AND if you don’t currently have a partner, revel in the exploration of YOU!

STOP! – Goddess time:

Be selfish! And by that I mean put yourself first. Goddesses are gorgeous self-assured, strong, independent woman, who don’t need to ask permission to be themselves, they just are. Learn to say “No” and balance out the ‘People Pleaser’ with equal amounts ‘Me Pleaser’. Just allow yourself time to do exactly what YOU want! This might come hard at first, having been so used to putting others first; but just try it and you’ll be surprised how easy it becomes.
Finally, thank you for being here and reading this post; and remember, there is an inner goddess inside you just waiting to get out, so embrace her because the world needs you!
Until next time…

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