Some ways to start loving yourself right now! x

Self love is something that we simply don’t do enough of. And if we spoke to Joe Bloggs on the street the way we talk to ourselves we wouldn’t be making friends, that’s for sure. So if we wouldn’t talk to a stranger the way we talk to ourselves then things have to change. Here are some of my ideas for self love and much better self-talk…

Wear glitter and sparkles

Everyone needs to shine so make sure you wear some glitter and sparkles everyday. It’s really simple to do too without having to don your sequinned hot pants (unless you want to that is!) it can be a scarf, lipstick, eye show or even a bag or earrings. Just like stars you have you time to shine too… make it everyday!

A good morning stretch

I love nothing more that a full body stretch in the morning to get things moving and tune into my body. Listen to the sound it makes when I move, the subtle feelings and sensations of morning thirst and hunger. Try it one morning you’ll be surprised at what you find out about yourself, trust me!

Get your hair and/ or nails done regularly

If these are expensive luxuries in your part of the globe don’t break the bank, giving your nails a coat of polish and trying a new way of styling your hair works just as well. Just spend that time on you, without rushing; just time for you!

Get enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things for our bodies, along side drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. Our modern lives are so busy we sometimes consider sleeping hard to do. So make a ritual at bedtime. Start with a favourite non-caffeinated drink – if you survive on caffeine try something without it at bedtime – I’m experimenting with two tea bags in the same cup currently peppermint and chamomile (fab combo). Don’t eat a big meal before bed, but a piece of toast might help you through the night. Take a bath of a shower with relaxing essential oil smells such as lavender. Use some pillow mist. Make sure your bed is comfy. Read a book a tangible book (DON’T TINKER ON THE IPAD OR YOUR PHONE) and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.


That’s right dance like no one is watching you as the saying goes. Put some music on and throw some shapes or sway along to the beat. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you move. Keeps you supple!

Scales are for fish!

Don’t punish yourself with diets. We also shouldn’t be stressing our bodies out with endless yo yo dieting. Instead learn to list to your body. Just like the tip above about stretching, start listening to your body. Only you can hear it asking you for a drink or something to eat. Don’t let outside influences – the clock, the scales, a diet club dictate to you and your body. Never forget dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason…diets don’t work and you are repeat business!

Catch a few rays

Vitamin D is incredibly important to our survival, and even though we call it a vitamin, it is actually a hormone and we make under the skin our bodies. So when the sun’s out we should make the most of it; some vital processes in your body, and mood will thank you. Make sure you’re safe though, by using sun screen and reapplying it regularly!

Try new make up

Take a step or two outside your comfort zone with your make up like a new shade of lipstick; and if you don’t currently wear make up try some out, you might like it.
Remember “No one is you, and that’s your super power!”
Until next time…

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