7 ways to get rid of bad Juju…

Have you been feeling the energy shifts happening right now? At the moment it seems like everything is in a state of flux to me. Do you ever get that instant “bad vibes” feeling when you meet someone or walk into a building? It might be really subtle, but that’s basically your energy field mixing together and reporting back to you with a physical feeling.

I recently went to Hampton Court Palace. I was walking through one area and went into a small anti-room, and I was hit with what I can only describe as a sledgehammer of emotion, I really didn’t enjoy it. It was only a very tiny room but I had to walk out because the energy was so strong. It’s true, negative energy can linger in all sorts of places – buildings, clothes, fabrics, people… the list is long.

Before we start I should point out that you are actually responsible for the energy in your own living space and that is based on your own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and here are 7 ways you can raise your energy or get rid of negative energy

Plant it!

Plants are a great way to get rid of bad Juju. In fact, I have various plants all over my home – they are mainly spider plants, but then that is pretty much the extent of my indoor plant care. Still, they serve the same purpose, filtering out bad energy and releasing oxygen. Succulents are great to have in the house because they are low maintenance and are so hip! #nottoself get some succulents!

Californian White Sage

This is burned in my home almost daily. I’m not neurotic trust me, I am addicted to the scent of it though. I tend to go round the house at least once a week smudging in corners and places where energy gets stuck. I then open the windows and let the smoke out and the natural fresh air cleanser from outdoors in. For convenience, I use the Satya incense sticks.

Crystal water

It’s long been believed that enhancing purified or natural spring water by infusing crystals in it and drinking it can have a positive effect on the body and raise energy levels. I’ve been reading up on this and purchased a ‘love’ bottle with rose quartz crystals in it. The crystals are safely encased in non-BPA and BPS reusable plastic. I chose love because it’s the root of every exchange in the world, and all-encompassing.

Aura Spray

I just love a good Aura Spray. My latest ones are from South Africa and are specifically made from high-vibe ingredients. I use them before I go to bed to get a good night’s sleep, and are directly connected to the Archangels. You can get them all over, but as a word of warning, make sure you get them from a retailer that knows what they’re doing and that they are selling them for the right reasons; not just monetary gain.

Salt ’n’ shake

Salt is one of the best tools for getting rid of unwanted or bad energy. I was skeptical about this, but a friend was going through a tough time with her boss and asked me if I would help her to try and make her office workable. He was a very demanding boss and it was really getting to her. So I went into the office ahead of him one morning, and with some regular table-salt sprinkled it at the threshold of her office door, and literally from that day onwards he cooled his jets and she had a peaceful work life. Never underestimate the power of a condiment!

Turn it up!

Put on some high energy tunes to lift your mood. Whatever you like to listen to that raises your vibe, but it on and whack up the volume, and as the saying goes… “Dance like no one is watching. And sing like no one is listening.” This is your moment so just let gooooooo!

Shower it off

This is my personal favourite and that’s taking a shower. I have a shower every night before I go to bed simply to get rid of all the energies I have picked up throughout the day. As I stand under the water I connect above and below with white light, I visualize the water – infused with the pure white light – purifying me and what goes down the drain is all the junky energies from the day. I get out of the shower completely refreshed, pure, grounded and of course clean. It really helps if you have trouble sleeping. Have a go and see what a difference it makes!

Until next time…

Sarah xoxo

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