“Hello my name is Sarah and I can be very hateful and cruel to my gorgeous body…”

I know that’s a bold opener for a Thursday blog, but it’s so true. We all do it. We all feel, say and think things about our bodies that we would never dare say to a stranger in the supermarket queue. But because it’s ‘us’ / ‘me’ it seems perfectly acceptable! Well I’m here to tell you BEAUTIFUL, it isn’t!
I’m just as guilty at being beastly to my body as you are, I don’t mind admitting it. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers or a magic wand to a) surprise you with a new body b) stop you doing it. But what I can help with is silencing that ego, inner critic, body bully – or whatever you want to all it.
I get that it’s not enough to just say walk away from all that negative body talk; I’d feel a fraud telling you to just do that. What I will say though, is that none of what you think about your “awful, disgusting, fat, lumpy, spotty, stretch- marked, hooked nose, small eyed, wrinkled”[ *insert any other body problem here……………………….] defines you, unless you allow it to!
There are strong amazing women in my life who are in their twilight years and won’t mind admitting are STILL trying to obtain the body beautiful. They will openly criticise their incredible bodies. The same bodies that have borne them children and kept them disease-free all these years; still working towards the day when they can finally say, “There I’ve done it, I’m slim and gorgeous… now what?”. Why do they do that? Because they are doing what we all do, comparing themselves to others and believing they aren’t enough!
So today my blog post is very simple; all I want to do is inspire you into realising that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH!”  I want you to start loving the whole of you; every single bit.  Whether it’s your jiggling belly or ‘thunder thighs’.  Whether it’s your skinny arms, or your scars.  Your stretch marks. Your saggy boobs. Your brilliant mind.  Your skin colour.  Your frizzy hair.  Your nose.  Your lips.  Your butt. Your 12 pack, whatever it is?! I just want you to realise that you are a totally unique, amazing, divine human being that is utter perfection!  Yes you heard me right, you are perfection!  
Rather than being cruel and hateful about your body, by letting your inner ‘body bully’ know best and take control. So stop and listen to what your fabulous body requires.  Because if you listen, I guarantee you will hear it calling to you.  The only problem is we have stifled our inner voice for so long with a barrage of criticism and insults, that we ignore it when it does ‘speak’ to us.  And when it does speak it’s usually a ‘cry for help’ in the form of an illness.
I want to encourage you to love yourself in the way that feels right for you.  Whether that is eating ‘cleaner’ unprocessed foods, cutting down on the booze, giving up smoking, meditating, working less, getting a good night’s sleep, going to the gym, taking a yoga class or going for an evening walk instead of sitting in front of the TV.  You can of course stand in front of a mirror naked and really look at yourself in minute detail, making your peace with all the bits you hate if you so wish, but I’m not convinced that works for everyone.  Whatever it takes to get back in touch with your “adventure vehicle”!
Using the mantra  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH has really changed my outlook on my body.  When I find myself planning to go out and I have the standard “nothing fits” meltdown, I remind myself of that.  I also remind myself that there are people who love me [in the words of the fabulous Bridget Jones] “just as I am.”  Not fatter. Not thinner. Not more tanned. Not more beautiful. Not with longer hair. Not with a new nose.  Not with liposuction.  Not with a tummy tuck.  They love me for who I am and I, in return, must love myself just as I am!  After all (and particularly if you’re a mum/ aunt/ guardian/ grandmother to both young girls and boys) it’s important not to shove your insecurities and body baggage onto the next generation, they have enough to deal with as it is!  It’s not always easy, trust me on that score, but baby steps are the way!
So if you take nothing else away from this blog post today, other than the fact that it has given you food for thought, then GREAT, it means that my work here is done!  So start one step on your journey back to self love today and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, BECAUSE I AM ENOUGH!”
Until next time …

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