The benefits of meditating…

So what are the benefits of meditating? Of course there are the overall benefits such as sleeping better, calming anxiety and being more positive, but for me meditating is a complete bubble of other worldliness.
OK OK I know I might sound like a crackpot, but here me out. I meditate all the time – in fact we all do believe it or not; when you brush your teeth and you’re staring into space that’s meditating. Sitting waiting for the traffic lights to change, staring into the distance that’s meditating. We do it all the time without even knowing it. See, it’s not all weird chanting and incense stick-burning or find-yourself-trouser-wearing; it can be very natural state of being.
I usually meditate in bed almost every night. Not only does it aid my sleep (and I am particularly rubbish at sleeping because I hate the dark); but I find it closes down my day.
What I also LOVE doing, and this is what I am going to chat about now, is meditating in my car.  Now I am not talking about closing my eyes and sitting in the Lotus Position you understand that would be plain crazy and super dangerous!  What I’m talking about is instead of your usual radio station or banging tunes, try something different and listen to some meditative music.  I usually do this to immediately put myself in that lovely little bubble I talked about earlier.  I have the windows up, so if it’s hot I put on the air con, and I drive and listen. This FEELS incredible for me. I’m there on the motorway, or stuck in traffic in my pure bubble of calm. It sets me up to take on anything.
I have been through a stressful time recently with parents becoming sick and the loss of my job and I have found that mediating – connecting to source energy (as above so below) – and clearing chakra has made all the difference. My mind has been the equivalent of a tangled ball of wool, but the bubble of calm have made the most incredible different to my wooly noggin!
I’ve put together a Spotify meditation playlist below, for you to “tune in and zen out“.
Until next time…

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