Bring more positivity into your life…

I find that people use the word positivity too often and without the right emphasis.  To me it seems to be bandied around at will and something for the bandwagon chasers to chase.  I find that positivity becomes the exact opposite of what it actually is when it isn’t used to correctly describe an activity for example.
To put it another way, not matter how positive I am scrubbing up in an operating theatre, I’m never going to be able to perform open heart surgery.  As positive as I am about the patient in my care, I would pretty much end their life with my positive actions!  Open heart surgery requires skill, and years and years of training from a qualified doctor, not just a “muggle” with a positive attitude!
For me being positive and positivity is about a state of mind.  It’s about feeling light within myself.  Carrying myself differently, walking tall.  It’s about smiling.  It’s about knowing that my positive state of mind is going to rub off onto the people around you.  Like I’m the Pied Piper of Positivity, and those that are touched by it become happy and positive too.
So here are my tips for bringing more positivity into your life…

Eat well

Junk food is called junk food for a reason… it’s JUNK!  All those processed ready meals with all their fat, sugar and salt are no good for you and bring your vibe down.  Cook from scratch.  Get your veggies from the farmers market and start cooking up the storm!

Keep hydrated

The odd coffee is fine (I know I couldn’t function without my morning coffee), but remember to drink lots of water and non-caffeinated and fruit teas as well.  Bin the sugary caffeinated fizzy drinks.  Carbonated drinks play havoc with your bones in later life and they again bring down your vibe.

Watch the alcohol intake 

It’s easy to get carried away with drinks especially if you’re out and about with friends. I couldn’t live without my G ‘n’ T, but nowadays it’s about enjoying it for what it is, not getting loaded and falling off my heels!


Now if you have never meditated before and it all seems a little Woo Woo for you I can GUARANTEE that by starting regular meditation practice you will see SIGNIFICANT changes to your outer world; without question! But the clue is in the title… practice. You have to keep at it.

My recommendation would be to start things off small, try meditating for just a couple of minutes in the morning (the morning is better because you don’t have all the drudge from the day clouding your mind as you try to quiet it) and then increase it by a minute each day, until you get to a level that feels right for you. Sit cross legged (if you can) with your hand in your lap with eyes either open or closed. If you have your eyes open it’s good to look at a spot on the wall, or a lit candle. 

There are some great apps available online, but my absolute favourite mediation guru on YouTube is the lovely Aussie Jason Stephenson.  I’ve included a mediation from him at the end of this post.  So Tunein and Zenout!

Take responsibility…

Remember what Albert Einstein said (and what is the basis for much New Age philosophy) “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Which means that everything up until this point in your life is solely the product of your thinking. As much as you try, you can’t blame anyone else. But once you take responsibility for your actions/ life there is an ahhhh moment when it’s like you don’t have to run anymore.

It’s so easy to overthink things and by doing so get caught up in your head.  You don’t have to spend hours and hours monitoring your thoughts BUT you do have to be aware that your thoughts shape your outside experiences.

Ultimately the key ingredient to bringing more positivity into your life is to have a sunny outlook.  If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade (after all it worked for Beyonce!). Never forget you’re alive and you’re breathing in that good ass prana (or the very life force of our creation) ! And remember your vibes attract your tribe! – if you want to raise your vibe check out my 21 Day Vibe Raising Challenge.

Check out Jason Stephenson’s Guided Meditations

Until next time…

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