My top 3 tips for manifesting

You are always manifesting.  It doesn’t stop, you can’t pause it and even if you’re not thinking about it manifesting is taking place.  All you need to do to confirm that to yourself is stop and take a look round at your surrounding, your life, your job, your clothes, where you are at this point in your life.  This all happened through manifestation; pure and simple!  You brought it all into your consciousness through your decisions.  All of it.  Good and bad.  


Get an attitude of gratitude!  If you have been following me for a while you will know that this is in fact something that I go on about a lot, and the reason for this is that being grateful is the number 1 way to raise your vibes and support your intentional manifestations.  Gratitude can be a just lip (or pen) service, so there needs to be some intention behind it.  You need to really step into that feeling of being grateful and not just list some things in your journal once day.  Here’s an example that happen to me on a very frequent basis…  You’ve been sitting in traffic potentially making you late for a meeting, and then incredibly the traffic jam melts away in front of you making you early for your meeting instead.  Use the feeling of relief as your basis for the gratitude you feel for this situation being rectified.  
If you want to be reminded of the attitude of gratitude you want to cultivate then check out my smartphone backgrounds you can download for free here.

Raise your vibe…

Now you can upgrade your manifestations to “Manifesting 2.0” simply by becoming more conscious of what you’re doing.  By becoming more involved with your manifestations and putting intention behind them you can channel your energy and vibes towards what you want to appear in your life.  The higher your vibes the easier and more accurate your manifestations will be.  Check out my 21 Day Raise Your Vibe Challenge to support your conscious intentional manifestations.  This Challenge isn’t a “How to” guide, instead it is intended for you to undertake activities that will make you become more present, to get you thinking, so that by doing things that you enjoy you naturally raise your vibrations without even thinking about it.  

Set your intention…

Do you ever wake up and feel a bit off?  Can’t put your finger on it but there is something up.  You get out of bed and stub your toe and that puts you in a spiral.  Now yo can choose for this to be your day if you want.  Go through the next few hours with things getting worse OR you can decide that you not going to let this affect your day.  Instead yo decide that today is going to be a good day.  Using the power of intention you can create your day in advance.  Intend to have a good day and when you step into that intention things tend to snowball (just as they do when things go wrong) in a good way.  One good thing will turn into another and so on, and before you know it you’ve had the best day.  You vibes are high and you feel like you could take on the world!
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