Magical Spring Cleaning for mind, body and soul…

Not sure about you but this time of the year I get the nesting instinct and feel the urge to Spring Clean but you know your home isn’t the only thing that will benefit from a thorough cleaning. Your mind, body and Soul can benefit from a bit of attention this spring too.
Top of my list is NEGATIVE NEWS. We are consistent and systematically bombarded with negative news on the TV, on the Internet, and in newspapers and magazines. Spending too much absorbing all this negativity can seriously effect your life experience. Quit them all. No ifs no buts go cold turkey and replace them with websites and apps such as Action for Happiness, which is full of good news stories to pep you right up! Why not tailor your Facebook and social media feeds too so that you get to see more positive posts.
Adopt an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, because that is the cornerstone of manifesting EVERYTHING into you life!
With life whizzing past our eyes and ears at a million miles it’s hard to appreciate everything around us. So get yourself a gratitude journal. This doesn’t have to be an expensive branded purchase, just make sure it’s something you will enjoy writing in. Now make a habit of writing what you’re grateful for in it. Do this when you wake up in the morning, during the day if something you’re grateful for springs to mind and at the end of the day before you go to sleep. You can write these entries as “I an grateful for…” or “I am so happy that…”, just make sure you feel what you’re writing down. The more you do this the more you will notice your life changing for the better.

Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit so get rid! By having a proper declutter of your living environment and you’ll also clear your mind of stress and frustration. “Tis better to donate than accumulate.” So donate your clutter to your local charity shop – remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – or if you’re short of a few bucks sell it on eBay!
Decluttering creates a more clear environment and begins to reflect on your inner being. Your “path” being clean, clear and open will allow for the chi energy to flow in your space bringing you in alignment with living your Best Life!

How many times have you wanted to do something and said to yourself “Who am I kidding, I could never do that.” Well now it’s time to get those negative self-doubt thoughts in check. Try and understand why you’re holding back; at the end of the day what’s the worst that could happen? YOU GOT THIS! (Whatever it is)

If you’ve never done it before why not have a go at mindful meditation. You can find some guided meditations on YouTube but if you don’t want to go that far just find somewhere quiet to sit where you won’t be distributed for ten minutes. Close your eyes and become aware of you breathing. Take a deep breath in and on your out breath relax. Become aware of your body, how your hands feel, of any sensations you feel within your body. Any thoughts that pass through your mind be aware of them and let them go. Don’t give them anyone attention. When you feel fully relaxed bring yourself back to the present moment.

Fad and crash diets are of no use to man nor beast! However, rather than removing things from your diet, add in some spring fruit and veg to your diet. Carrot sticks and humous or get your blender out and create some “mean green smoothies”; your liver will thank you!
So there you have it; put a little spring back in you mind, body and Soul this springtime!
Until next time…

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