How to harness the Universe to manifest the perfect solution

Today I want to share with you something that happened me a couple or so years ago, when I found myself on the wrong end of someone else’s agenda and emotions. And how I used the Universe to support me to manifest a perfect solution.  
This method works 100%, every time, without question.  Here’s how it worked for me.

Let me set the scene…

I had been sucked into someone else’s world, having been caught up with their ideas and plans.  We both did similar jobs, they had had a successful business in South Africa before becoming ill and losing the lot.  They relocated to the UK and through my job at the time we struck up a friendship. This person always came across as honest dependable, and gave me no indication of the chaos that was to be unleashed.
As it turns out that they were neither honest or dependable.  But worse than that, they were an incredibly vicious, controlling and malicious person too – more of that in a bit. 
So we had talked a lot about working together and even made some preliminary plans.  I had used the contacts that I had to make introductions to this person, all on the strength that this was becoming a business partnership.  However, that all changed after some words of warning from my husband I decided not to go any further with these plans or this relationship and let the person down gently.  
For the record my husband is a genius at sussing people out the moment he meets them and he had picked up on this dudes vibes straight of the bat and warned me steer clear. I am WAY more gullible!
The upshot is that the person in question wouldn’t take no for an answer, and instead decided to take it to the next level, and contacted my employers to tell them all about our plans, how I was planning to leave and go and set up a business with this individual.  Telling them, along the way, what a thoroughly untrustworthy person I was!  This was all contained in an email on a Friday evening to my boss and me.
As you can imagine this sent me into a flat spin.  How could someone betray me in such a way, all because I had decided not to work with them.

I had to fix this and fix it fast.  So this is what I did…

  1. Wrote the individual’s name on a SMALL piece of paper but in BIG CAPITAL letters – small because I was physically containing the situation with the size of the paper.  BIG letters because I wanted the Universe to know I was serious about rectifying this situation
  2. Took the paper outside to our fire pit 
  3. I doused the whole thing in Patchouli oil for it’s grounding and peace-bringing properties and added some dried sage too
  4. Lit the the paper with a White Sage incense stick – White Sage for it’s negative energy clearing properties – and waited for it to burn away completely
  5. As I watched the smoke rise skywards, I thanked the Universe for supporting me in fixing this problem and let the whole situation go. I visualised a peaceful outcome, but left it in the hands of the creative Universe to deliver it.
Monday morning rolled round and I received a call from my boss who asked if I had seen the email from a crazy person on Friday afternoon.  This was the first time she had seen it.  She didn’t know what he was talking about and these were quite clearly the ramblings of a mad, angry person.  She asked;
  • Was I OK?  and
  • Did I need HER to do anything? 
It was at that very moment that I knew that my ritual to harness the power of the Universe had manifested the perfect solution for me.
Because the Universe is perfect, the creative ways that it can support you will not only astound you, but also make you laugh AND change your life. So if you find yourself in a sticky situation, like me, harness the power of the Universe to manifest a sublime solution for you!
Until next time…

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