Life, universe and everything… well not quite!

Who hear remembers that scene from the Jim Carery classic – Bruce Almighty – when he asks for a sign and is so concerned about the “joker” in front of him that he completely misses the truck load of illuminated signs – the ones he has asked for! 

We are all guilty of being like Bruce.  We go through our daily lives completely oblivious to the signs that the Universe (God, life-force… whatever you call it) is trying to send us.  Except when something bad happens and then we  get cross and petition and seek the counsel of the Universe (etc.) to try and make sense of the situation.

The signs from the Universe don’t have to be HUGE ones like Bruce’s, in fact often times they are subtle.  It’s getting to the petrol station and being able to just drive up to the pump without queuing.  It could be being shown the parking space in a full car park that everyone has driven passed.  We are getting messages and signs from the Universe constantly, but we just don’t always see or act on them.

Signs come is all guises

Research shows that we receive, on average, 60,000 pieces of new information each day.  We couldn’t possibly cope with that kind of influx of info, so we learn from a very young age to filter it subconsciously which is great, but sometimes we filter out what the Universe is sending us too.

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, and don’t be afraid to ask the Universe for a sign – much like our hero Bruce – only take note of what is sent. The totally fabulous Anne Jirsch – if you’re not familiar with her check out – has some brilliant free downloads on universal signposts. The first one is called Universal Symbols sent to Guide us, which is great when you’re starting out tuning into, and looking out for guiding signs.

Common guiding Signs and Symbols

  • Synchronicities
  • Vivid dreams
  • 1111 or 11:11
  • Strong Intuition
  • Feathers and Rainbows
  • Seeing/ hearing what you’ve asked the universe for everywhere!
  • Seeing/ hearing the same thing everywhere that you HAVEN’T asked to see, but you feel is ‘following’ you!

Feathers and Rainbows

I consider myself lucky that I tune into signs on a daily basis. That hasn’t always been the case though if I’m honest. There have been times when I’ve “know better” than the Universe and have ignored or shut out signs. This is what happened when I did ignore the Universe…

I was in the St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds about eight or so years go now, when I was standing at the crossing transept, beyond the nave looking towards the alter. St Edmunsbury has the coats of arms of all the English counties placed high up around the crossing transept, and you can only really see them well through the handy mirror positioned there. It was whilst looking at these that something caught my eye and I glanced down at my feet. There, to my total amazement, was the largest pure, snow white feather I had ever seen! This utterly took my breath away because other than having a gaggle of geese in the Cathedral (which I definitely hadn’t seen or heard) there seemed to me to be no likely explanation other than that I received a visit from an angel… Let me say now that I don’t consider myself religious and follow no organised religion whatsoever.

I believe this was a sign from the Universe confirming I was on the right path, and maybe my ‘visitor’ was simply trying to get my attention; the angelic equivalent of shouting perhaps! I still have the feather and truly believe it was a sign meant only for me.

So don’t be like Bruce, keep your eyes peeled for signs from the Universe.  They might be subtle so you may have to increase your awareness – quiet that Monkey Mind and step over your ego to do it – but when you do and really get into the flow there’s a whole new world waiting for you… trust me!

Until next time…


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