How to survive January

Let’s face it January is a rubbish time, it’s dark, cold and statistically (and unfortunately) is the most depressing month of the year.  It’s the time when you still have at least two weeks to go until payday, and all the glitz, glamour and fun of Christmas seems like a lifetime ago.  But January can be survived, trust me, here’s how…
Time to plan
When’s dark outside and all you want to do is draw the curtains and hibernate, that’s the perfect time to get planning for the year ahead.  Whether it’s plans for decorating the bathroom or just how you want the rest of the year to go.  Grab a pen and note book and getting thinking!

A little herbal pick me up
We put our livers through so much during the festive period so January is a perfect time to repair your liver post Christmas.   Mllk Thistle tablets are a perfect for this (check with your GP if you take regular medication before you start taking them).  Alternatively try cutting out highly processed foods, which tend to contain a lot of salt and sugar, and put pressure on your liver.  

Go dry (for the other half of) January
Still thinking about cleansing your liver, start your dry January late!  Cutting back on alcohol can have lots of benefits including clearer skin, better sleep, more energy and of course a positive impact on your liver.

Change to your perspective
“When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.” 
I’ve used this quote before because it really resonates with me as an optimist.  There is always a way.  If you’re unaware of Be Brilliant Everyday  and it’s co-founder the give it a read; Andy says “Stop setting your sights on ‘getting through the week’ or ‘surviving until your next holiday’. Raise your game.” Change the direction of your sails and change your aim!

Be grateful
It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity of the world, which is often very hard to avoid, when in actual fact we should be looking a little closer to home and celebrating what we have in our own lives that we are grateful for.  It might be seeing your dog chasing a stick you’ve thrown; it might be that cuppa in bed that your other half made for you. It might be a beautiful sunrise or sunset; whatever it is be grateful. 

Blow away those cobwebs
Go for a walk in the fresh air and blow away those cobwebs.  There’s nothing like a bracing winter walk with the winding in your face.  Take your poochie with you (if you have one) or perhaps fly a kite – that’s not just kids stuff you know!

According to researchers around 40% of our happiness is directly down to us; the other 60% is a mix of external factors and genetics.  So take your 40% and use it to help you Survive January!
Until next time…

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I'm Sarah Boucher-Edwards. I'm a mid-life wife, mum of two, and lifestyle blogger. In my professional life, I am an event planner, marketer, and account manager. But I am also passionate about "human potential", and getting people to be the best they can be. This is the blog that I run with my daughters all about being totally abundant in all areas of your life.

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