Friday Faves: The things I love right now…

Make up Revolution cover up shade C4 – This stuff is HUMAZING.  It’s cruelty free which is super important to me; and quite frankly if it’s good enough for the fabulous Jeffree Star it’s certainly OK for me!

Go Jaunty app. This super cool walking app that provides you with walks on your doorstep as well as giving you the power to create your own routes. It’s available from both Apple and Android Apps.

Medicinal Cookery by The Medicinal Chef Dale Pinnock. This is a fantastic cook book by that was recommended by my daughter. It goes through each system in the body providing valuable info on natural ways to maximise health. The recipes are brilliant and really easy to make. My current fave is Figs and Chia bars for digestion.

Homemade Bircher Muesli. This is so simple to make before bed, and the perfect wake-me-up in the morning; still not quite the buzz of coffee though… It’s not from the Medicinal Cookery book; this is my own recipe.

1/2 an apple grated
3 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt
2 tablespoons of Dorest Cereal muesli (or similar)
A handful of blueberries

Mix it all together, put it in a glass and refrigerate overnight. In the morning give it a good stir before eating. If needs be ‘water down’ with some skimmed milk.

This works well with dairy alternatives too!

Until next time…


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