DIET – Doing Idiotic Eating Tricks

There’s all kinds of crap fad diet books for sale or being given away with the equally crap diet magazines, to snare you with the “miracle” cure answer to the January diet.  Utter snake oil the lot of it!

Forget the quick fixes.  Instead let’s concentrate on emotional eating.  

Had you ever considered that your excess weight is the physical representation of your emotional eating manifesting as ‘armour’ that you wear every day to go into the ‘battle’ that is your life?  Your outward public shell that the world sees and unfortunately by which it judges you.

Perhaps your overcoat of weight does allow you to go into a room full of strangers and be a crazy gregarious character or maybe it leaves you clinging to the wall hoping no one sees you!

Perhaps that packet of biscuits you ate before bedtime and the crisps you ate before supper or indeed the meals you skipped today added another layer of ‘control’; when in actual fact you couldn’t feel more out of control if you tried!  

Modern commercial diets only deal with the symptoms and never the cause.  In fact they facilitate this emotional eating by grouping you with other likeminded “weak” souls, who help to reinforce your own inadequacies by talking about so called good or bad foods; and how good or bad you have been.  This isn’t the answer, is it?  Sitting in a drafts school hall talking about what you weigh and being clapped by your compadres if you loose a pound?  Shouldn’t the answer be discovered within, like everything in life… it starts with YOU.  This is my story. 

With me, as with most people/ addicts, I was trying to control the uncontrollable with food.  I had been painful thin as a child – even though I ate normally – became a tad more curvy as a teen, when the hormones kicked in. Then marriage and pregnancies and here is where my emotional eating journey really begins. I suffered hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness during both of my pregnancies resulting in my inability to keep down or eat anything, and for which I was hospitalised more than once.  So once I was well I ate and ate.  I would have bouts of uncontrolled eating, followed by guilt and a Monday Resolution to join the diet club and FINALLY and for good kiss goodbye to my excess pounds!  It never worked!  

Then, about 10 years ago I discovered a book, thanks to one of the Sunday supplements, called Beyond Chocolate by the wonderful sisters Audrey and Sophie Boss.  This was a total revelation for me… life outside dieting and bingeing, was there such a place? Not only that but with ME as my own guide – that’s rather dangerous isn’t it – not some stick insect running the class that claims to have been in my position once!

If you decided to ditch the diet and your on this journey don’t expect a magical overnight cure for emotional eating. It can take time and patience but you must not berate yourself if you do go back a step or two and immediately reach for the food. It’s all part of your journey. However, so long as you realise that you’re doing it and why, then you’ll be on your way again. Remember a journey starts with a single step!

At first I was so scared, what would happen if I became uncontrollable in my quest to chomp everything in sight.  So garnering moral support from my sister-in-law, we went to one of the Beyond Chocolate ‘Chocolate Fairy’ trial days with Sophie and Audrey.  Let me tell you this was the catalyst that started on my journey of relaxing around food, not using it to anaesthetise the emotion I was feeling in that moment, and enjoy the tastes, colours and textures. And when the binges come (and they still do), I just acknowledge them for what they are and move on.  No big deal!  No need to go rushing to a stranger, with a fist full of dollars asking them to “make me thin”!

I’m here to say that life is beautiful and amazing out here that belongs to YOU! You can drop your ‘armour’ and you will be safe!

Until next time…

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