Friday Faves! – My top 3 reads

I’ve had time on my hands over the festive period to do a bit of reading research and discover new books, magazines and sites. Here are some of my Friday Faves! Incidentally, the eagle-eyed amongst you might just notice a bit of a theme…

Happiful magazine! I am completely and utterly in love with this magazine. I love the subject matter. I love the articles and most of all I am so glad that there is a magazine out there that puts its heart on its sleeve where mental health, wellbeing and community is concerned. Hats off to these guys.

This is the latest edition which you can read completely free of charge online or subscribe if you want a tangible hardcopy mag.

This is the least likely book from the mind-blender that is Derren Brown and is a far cry from the lightbulb-eating-antics of his live shows.

In this book Derren is quite scathing when it comes to the self-help industry and books like the thinking positively “hokum” of The Secret as he refers to it. Which he believes sets the reader up for a fall and can make them feel like a failure if their ‘wishes’, ‘requests’ and goals aren’t achieved.

This book sets out to provide an alternative way of thinking and existing to the goal setting/ over achieving/ wanting more culture that we have all become a part of today. It’s about contentment, peace and quitting trying to control the uncontrollable.

Check out the book here on Amazon, and his new Netflix programme Sacrifice.

Plant Mindful! This was one of my fab magazine discoveries of 2018, along with the simple things and In the Moment.

It’s always. packed with great recipes, things to make and do, as well as relevant interesting reads. In this edition the article that caught my eye was about intuitive eating, which I am a HUGE advocate of and, which is the cure for this crazy diet binge that takes place this time of year!

OK so digital is convenient and travels well, but despite what they say there is a resurgence of print media. People like to have something tangible to read. AND THEN you can pass them onto friends, in an ultimate act of recycling!

Finally, if you want to check magazines out free online before investing in them then check out If you search the titles I mentioned previously (In the moment, this simple things, happiful) you will find them all there for you to read at your leisure. OK so it’s not a magazine in your hand, but it is the next best thing. And even if you aren’t in the UK you can still read them from overseas!!!

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