Grab a coffee (or tea), pull up a chair and give yourself a quick five minutes break and check out these January Fun Facts!

January birthstone is Garnet.  Most commonly red, this stone can be found in a range of other colours including green and yellow.  The stone symbolises peace and prosperity. Some say it even has the power to give the wearer eternal happiness, health and wealth.

A study shows that people born in January (and February) show higher levels of creativity and imaginative problem-solving!

England didn’t adopt January 1 as New Year’s Day until 1752, more than 150 years after Scotland. Previous to that the year began on March 25!

Around the 3 January, the Earth reaches perihelion (peri meaning ‘near’ and helion meaning ‘sun’) and the earth is 3.1 million miles closer to the sun than at aphelion (around July 5 when the earth is furthest from the sun).

The first recorded reference to a “January sale” in the UK was in 1865.

January 1 is both the nearest to, and furthest from 31 December!

Zodiac signs switch in January from Capricorn on 19 to Aquarius on 20.

The coldest temperature ever recorded during a UK winter was -27.2 °C in the village of Braemar in the Scottish Highlands on 10 January 1982.

Sadly more couple’s separate or divorce in January than any other month. 

Of all Shakespeare’s plays January is only mentioned in Much A Do About Nothing and Winter’s Tale.

A study has revealed that people born in January (and February) show higher levels of creativity and imaginative problem-solving!

A study from the University of Vienna shows that men born in (November, December, and) January are more likely to be left-handed.

Famouses who have January birthdays are the Duchess of Cambridge, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Eddie Redmayne and Mel Gibson – as well as my daughter Molly!

Studies show that people born in the winter months, including January, are less irritable and less prone to mood swings than those born in other seasons.

Until next time…

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