New Years Revolution!

It’s the first day of a brand spanking new year and, if your hangover from the festivities isn’t too bad today, you’ll be thinking about what 2019 has to offer you.  All 365 days stretching out ahead to do with what you want. 

So rather than going on some “New Year, New You” hype which is totally ludicrous in my opinion. After all, why should one particular day make you feel that a “New You” is required?

Here’s my take on things


  • be a sheep by going down the gym to take out a membership that you won’t use passed January 19th!
  • punish yourself with a “new” eating plan
  • set unrealistic goals just because it’s the New Year
  • change so many things that it gets too overwhelming 
  • give a crap about what others think


  • take up a hobby that really ignites your passion 
  • get out there and experience interesting stuff
  • be kind and speak kindly to yourself
  • make small changes that amount to big change, if you want – no pressure!

Have an amazing 2019 where YOU are in charge of what happens to you, not external influences.  You are the boss of you! And remember…

…Your Revolution starts here!

Until next time.

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