Having trouble sleeping, then you need to read this…

I go through stages of not being able to sleep or I’m really good at getting to sleep; sleep for three hours and then then – ping –  I can be wide awake.

It’s still hit and miss some nights, but I thought I would share with you some tricks and tips to get a good, full night’s sleep.

  • Banish the phone from the bedroom 
    The best and the worst invention in equal measures is the mobile phone.  Great of communicating with and ‘googling’ things, but it’s too tempting to look at in the night if you wake up.  So banish it from the bedroom.  If you use it for your alarm clock, then why not go old school and get an alarm clock.  That way you can keep your phone out of the bedroom, and still get up in the morning!
  • Waking in the middle of the night like me? 
    Check out two things 1) hydration 2) blood sugar.  Two of the most common reasons for waking in the night are thirst and being hungry.  Make sure you keep hydrated throughout the day.  And steer your diet away from excess sugar to stave off being jolted awake at 2, 4 or 5am.  Alternatively, try a spoonful of almond butter before bedtime and another if you wake in the night (assuming you take the jar to bed with you that is!)
  • Watch the caffeine consumption and that includes hot chocolate
    Realistically you need too quit the caffeine about 6 hours before you go to bed; that’s the time it takes to leave your system.  And don’t reach for the hot chocolate before bedtime because it will keep you awake also.  A nice cup of warm milk on the other hand, can really help with sleep due to the tryptophan and melatonin it contains
  • Try winding down
    Have a warm bath, followed by snuggling up in bed and reading a good book.  Keep sleep simple!
  • Change your bedtime
    Start listening to your body’s signals that you’re tired.  Your body knows you better than you do, so listen to it.  You’ll start yawning and feel sleepy, so capitalise in that, it’s time bed!
  • Try more magnesium in your diet 
    Taking 400-600mg at night time can help with relaxation of mind and muscles.  You could also think about including more of it in your diet; try eating more of these delicious foods: spinach, kale, avocados, nuts, seeds, broccoli, salmon and tuna
  • Lavender room spray
    L’occitaine do an incredible room spray that I use every night.  It smalls authentic like walking through a lavender field.  Always buy a natural product, not a cheap synthetic version.
  • Write it down
    Finally, if you’re feeling stressed, write it down before you go to sleep.  Put your thoughts down on paper using a pen – rather than on an table, computer or iPad.  Gets things out in the open and not have them whirring around in your head!

Until next time, goodnight gorgeous goddesses, sweet dreams…


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