7 things to do this autumn…

Misty mornings and bonfires herald the autumn (or fall depending on where you are in the northern hemisphere).  The smell of squashed fruit and the final grass cut of the year hangs heavy in the air.  But what can you do this season?  Here are some of my favourite things to do in these colourful months…

  • Going to a walk to a pub scuffing through crunchy leaves.  There’s nothing like wrapping up warm, grabbing your pooch and walking out in the autumn air.  If you can take in a pub on your walk you’ve hit the jackpot!!
  • Why not take a picture of the changing colours of the seasons.  There’s such an obvious transition in the rich colours of autumn that you can get some stunning photos.  Couple that with a bit of mist and you’re suddenly a professional.
  • Try out a corn maze near you.  Fun for all the family and pooches to if you’re lucky.
  • Go fly a kite.  Autumn can often be a windy time with all those storms rolling from the Atlantic; perfect conditions for flying a kite… just remember to hold onto the string tightly!
  • Host a bonfire party.  Get your mates and family round.  Fire up the BBQ and fire pit.  Wrap some spuds in tin foil and put them in the coals.  Whack on some sausages on the BBQ.  Get some sparklers and fireworks (if that’s legal where you live).  Wrap up warm and have some yourself a partay!!
  • Get creative and carve a pumpkin.  It doesn’t have to be with Hallowe’en in mind just get creative.
  • Make some toffee apples.  All you need are some 8 apples, 100ml water, 1 tsp vinegar, 4 tbsp golden syrup and 400g caster sugar, sprinkles and wooden sticks.  Gently melt the sugar and water until melted.  Then add syrup and vinegar, and using a sugar thermometer boil to 150 degrees.  Put sticks into all apples and working quickly dip them in the liquid sugar.  Put them on a peace of baking parchment to harden.  Enjoy!

Until next time…


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