Making everyday life special…

It occurred to me that there are people that go through life saving the best china and clothes for special occasions, and covering their couches in protective plastic. Whilst I’m talking in a literal sense for some, others I’m speaking metaphorically.

Regardless, we all have things that we’re saving for a rainy day or until that special occasion when in actual fact no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.

So why not…

  • Say “I love you” (and mean it) to the ones you love. I always end conversations with my mum using those words. I say it to my husband every time he leaves for work, and share it in texts and say it to my daughters all the time. Can you imagine shuffling off this mortal coil without sharing the love?
  • Get out the good crystal for a glass of wine instead of the cheap glassware. The wine will taste all the better for it. I have beautiful hand painted gold glass goblet that I like to us, and trust me I feel so opulent drinking from it.
  • Quit walking passed that pair of Kurt Geiger shoes on your way to work, open the door of the store, go in and buy them. A girl can NEVER have enough shoes!

These are just some examples of how we’re always waiting and looking for a reason to do something rather than for the sheer joy of doing it, right now.

So if there are things that you’ve stashed away waiting for that special occasion – that lovely bottle of Dom Perignon, a beautiful dress, the good tableware – get it out TODAY! Remove the protective covers of your life, set the table, dress up and sit down to a meal – make it a takeaway if you like – BUT don’t wait until tomorrow, because we all know it never comes.

You’re alive NOW, and that always a cause for celebration!

Until next time…

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