Call to action: Check your body

You have a gorgeous amazing body beautiful, but if something doesn’t feel right get it checked out. 

We’re all really good at ignoring our bodies’ cries for help.  Whether it’s thirst because we’re dehydrated or fuzzy head because we’re hungry, or something more serious, we always seem to put ourselves last in the grand scheme of things.  Sometimes we get a wake up call, and have to act.  Don’t let it get to that stage.  Here’s somethings to think about…

  • Don’t ignore ‘invitations’ to Smear Tests , because caught early enough Cervical cancer isn’t an automatic death sentence any longer.  And our friends in Oz are reporting that Cervical cancer could be eliminated in Australia within the next two decades because of a government program to vaccinate children against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus – how incredible is that?
  • The same goes for checking your boobs and attending mammograms appointments.  Make sure you cop a good feel at least once a month.  The best time is in the shower because you’re washing all those important bits!  I had a lump in my breast recently which was all very scary.  The NHS swung into action and I was seen immediately. Thankfully everything was fine, but I did question my mortality!
  • Gents, half the global population have dangly bits, so be sure to check yourself for any lumps that shouldn’t be there.  Don’t be embarrassed go to your GP and get it checked out.  There are male doctors you know, and you can ask to see one!
  • Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure offs around 7.5 million people a year globally.  Get your BP checked once a year, and more regularly if you have a family history or heart related illnesses or are taking the Pill
  • Prostrate cancer is one of the most treatable and survivable cancers, with a great remission rate.  So if things don’t feel right, again get yourself checked.  There won’t be a doctor donning the rubber gloves and tinkering around up your butt, changes to your prostrate can be detected by a simple blood test!
  • That mole you were trying not to notice had gotten bigger, do something about it. If you are concerned monitor that mole; take a pic of it if you can (or get someone to do it for you) and do the same a month later.  Alternatively measure it and do the same the following month.  If there’s a change in size or the edge becomes raggedy go straight to your GP
  • If you’ve got a new partner – or your a serial one nighter – make sure to use protection. Remember, “No glove, No love”, because condoms do much more than just protect against unwanted pregnancies, they keep you safe from STIs as well.  You only have to see the pickle that Charlie Sheen is in with his HIV diagnosis to see that it doesn’t matter how many partners you have, it only takes one to change the course of your life!
  • If you’re pooping blood, you most probably need to get that checked. It might be that you’re straining too hard and it just a case of haemorrhoids (aka Piles) or it could be something more sinister.  Regardless, don’t diagnose yourself, get someone qualified with six years of med school training to do that!

And finally… you only get one body so look after it!

Until next time…


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