My morning routine “get going” apps!…

Anyone that knows me KNOWS that I’m not a fan of either raising from my bed in the morning, or exercise AT ALL! So I got to thinking about how new tech – and more especially apps – could help to motivate my ass first thing in the morning.

You will know from my blog that I’m a mind, body, spirit and soul type of person so I used those as my basis when putting my morning routine together. There’s just so many apps out there purporting to the next big revolution in getting butts up in the morning (or any time of day for that matter), but in my research NONE of them were the perfect fit for me. So rather than settle for something that wasn’t quite right for me I researched what’s out there and built my own.

My routine is around 20 minutes long and I’ve perfectly tailored for my unmotivated tushy first thing in the A.M. and this is it…


I have to give up the bed at some point so why not just Do It (as the famous slogan say)… and with the Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout it’s like ripping off one of their Band Aids! (Sorry couldn’t resist). Shake the body awake with jumping jacks etc. A word to the wise though; do the warm up which adds an extra 2mins 9 you routine, but it’s totally worth it to eeeeeeeazzze you in!


I’m all about the learning. I’m a self confessed life long learner and will always choose activities that stimulate my mind over my body… hence the reason the the first part of the routine was sooooo hard! But next on my list is a session at the mental gym using Luminosity daily mind workouts

This is perfect for getting the grey matter working, just as much as the physical activity is!

Spirit and Soul

Finally, my morning routine is complete with a little bit of Me Time. I know that I always bang on about the benefits of setting aside time specifically for you, and to incorporate it into my routine vindicates what I’ve been saying. Meditation is so important, with so many physical and mental health benefits, I finish off my routine with 3 minute mindfulness just to get myself centred for the day!

So over to you… here’s what you need to do to tailor you morning routine

1. Research the websites and apps out there

2. Check the Apple Apps store or Google play for your favourites

3. Keep it to a maximum of 3 activities to keep you engaged

4. Tweak it if it doesn’t feel right

5. Mix it up regularly so it doesn’t become a chore

Until next time…

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