Hello Gorgeous Goddesses

“In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning… your butt isn’t as big as you think. Your smile lights up a room. You’re not as fat as you think. You have a brilliant mind. You’re doing a fabulous job of this life you’re living. AND you are more than enough!”

I am writing this because I am refocusing my blog to give it a much more positive body image vibe, and I wanted you all to be the first to know.

I have been an advocate of the anti-diet movement for many years now, but lately I have been looking at positive body image as well, because in some respects the two go hand in hand. But more broadly than that, we’re often too quick to punish our bodies for “failing” us in some way, when we should be loving and celebrating them.

Information overload…

So often a female’s body shape changes, for any number of reasons, and she suddenly starts hating the ‘home’ she lives in.  Her ‘home’ can of course be traded for a better model; she still has to take out a mortgage to up-grade, only the Realtor is now the plastic surgeon! And sadly in some cases the motivation and desire to change becomes much more serious, sinister and sometimes harmful.

With more and more ‘spin’ in the daily media bombardment of celebrity endorsed “Hottest New Diet” and must have unattainable Photoshopped beach bodies, to the must-have anti wrinkle creams and latest $1000 age-defying procedures to make the years melt away! Quite simply it’s all a bunch of crap!

Everything starts with a PLAN…

The shift in my blog will be much more towards celebrating the incredible body you already have; just as it is!  Because once you start feeling comfortable and confident in you own skin people will start to notice and that becomes incredibly empowering.

It DOES NOT MATTER about your size, shape, colour, religion, preferences, disability etc.; from now on my blog is going to focus much more on Pampering, Loving, Accepting and Nourishing You. Wonderful, amazing, gorgeous YOU!

To infinity and beyond…

So unless you’re Phoebe from Friends, you only get one go at this wonderful life gorgeous goddesses. Don’t wait until you’re thinner, richer, prettier, whatever to do what you want to do.  You have all the capability within you to do it right now; this very second.  So what are you waiting for… let’s get positive together!

Until next time.


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