13 cooking life hacks…

Here are my tried and tested cooking life hacks!

  • Easily remove the seeds from a pumpkin or butternut squash with a metal ice-cream scoop!
  • Put pancake batter in a clean used ketchup bottle; then squirt out the amount you need in the pan
  • Freeze chopped herbs in olive oil in ice cube trays for use in cooking.
  • Ripen avocados quickly in a brown paper bag or wrapped in newspaper with a banana!
  • To stop your bag of salad going soggy in the fridge, keep a piece of kitchen towel with it.
  • To get more juice out of a lemon, zap it in the microwave for 20 seconds before juicing it!
  • Easily get pieces of egg shell out of a cooking mixture or batter with the already cracked half. This acts as a magnet to the other pieces. It works like magic!
  • Hull strawberries with ease using a straw! Push the straw up from the pointed end to the top and the green stalk will come out in one go!

Remove Pomegranate seeds by either;

  • Cutting the Pomegranate in half and with the cut side down in the on your palm gently tap it with a rolling pin.


  • Cutting the top off, then score the the skin into quarters and gently peeling it back. Once the skin is removed tease the ‘jewels’ out.
  • De-crystallise honey by putting the jar hot water for 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Stop pans boiling over by putting a wooden spoon across the pan.
  • Peel a banana from the bottom up, it’s much easier! Simply pinch the bottom to do it.


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