Hemp – the wonder plant…

This time of year I am plagued with eczema on my hands.  I believe this has a lot to do with diet, but more especially the cold weather here in the UK, coupled with the harsh anti-bac soaps we use to wash our hands.

Following this latest flare up, where I didn’t want to use steroid cream to knock it on the head, I decided to do a bit of research on what the alternatives to clear up eczema were; and that where I stumbled across Hemp – or as I like to call it Hemp the WONDER plant!

The Body Shops Hemp Hard-Working Hand Protector was what all the forums were yelling about so I thought I would purchase some and see for myself and I was bowled over by the results.  Admittedly the texture of Hand Protector is REALLY heavy duty and you do really have to squeeze it hard to get it out of the tube.  However, after 48 hours of applications, after hand-washing and overnight, the two patches had all but disappeared!  AND all for £5 – much less than a prescription for steroid ointment!

Having read more and more about Hemp the WONDER plant, I have discovered that my spontaneous recovery was due to the wealth of Omega complexes and fatty acids in the hemp oil.  I’ve used hemp oil for cooking for a long while because of both it’s nutty taste and high smoking point – it makes a really different oil and vinegar mix for dipping – but this miraculous eczema healing encouraged me to research this amazingly versatile plant further to see what other products and benefits Hemp the WONDER plant are available;


  • Hemp milk – a serious contender to the dairy-free alternative following adverse press about Soya milk
  • Hemp Oil – for cooking and taking orally -Good Hemp Oil is the best one I’ve used
  • Hemp seeds – a great source plant protein – perfect for vegans who have trouble eating enough protein
  • Counteracts skin ageing – due to the omega complex and fatty acids in the oil – perfect for eczema and psoriasis prone skin
  • A nice little immune system booster – added to your daily diet
  • LOUD HATS – anyone who has ever been to a music festival can’t help but see a Hemp Hat or two… or ten!
  • … this list of products and benefits is actually endless!

You no longer have to go to a local health food shop to get your hemp fix (I’ve deliberately steered clear of the alternative side to hemp so pardon the connotations there);  most mainstream supermarkets and health food shop carry a range of hemp culinary products.

Cheers to Hemp the WONDER plant!



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