Blueberry Brightening Dog Shampoo… review

In today’s blog post I am going to talk about Groom Room Blueberry Brightening Dog Shampoo; but not using it on my gorgeous canine buddies… oh no, this for use on my blonde hair!

What can I say… it’s always tricky getting rid of the brassy tones that plague you when you bleach or use a high lift tint.

Traditionally ketchup was always the thing to use but trust me I have used that along with Bleach London silver shampoo, John Frieda Tone Correcting shampoo, Pro Voke silver shampoo.

You name it I’ve tried it, until I gave Blueberry Brightening Dog shampoo. Apparently it works really well on Westies… as well as bleach-blonde 40 somethings!

The shampoo is a beautiful bluey purple colour and makes the most lush lather that smells insane, when you add the water. Unlike most of the others there is no waiting time for the colour to take, it can be just washed straight out. The effect is incredible and immediately eliminates the brassiness!

It’s £6.99 (so cheaper than some human shampoos you can get for the same thing) from Pets at Home or The Groom Room. It’s available online if you don’t have a Pets at Home near you.

See what you think below!

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