time to declutter

A cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind (and spirit) so get rid!

A waredrobe full of clothes that don’t fit, mail piling up, draws full of things you “just might use”…any of that sound familiar?  By having a proper declutter of your living-space it will clear your mind of stress, and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. If your home is tidy you’re more likely to feel relaxed!

This goes further your work-space should be clutter-free.  Your desk should be clear so that you can keep a calm head when those around you are loosing theirs!

“Tis better to donate than accumulate.” So donate your clutter to your local charity shop – remember “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – or if you’re short of a few bucks sell it on eBay or your local Facebook Ad page!

Use mirrors to capture and reflect light around your home, and reduce the amount of light absorbing items you have on windowsills and shelves. By decluttering you’ll create a clearer environment and which will in turn begin to reflect on your inner self.

With your “path” being clean, clear and open you will kick-start the flow of chi energy through your living-space bringing you in alignment with living your Best Life!


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